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Founded in London in 2011, the Maven Group now has offices in London and Hong Kong and employs over 170 people. The Maven Group implements both fundamental and quantitative investment management as well as trading & market making strategies across global financial markets. 

We see ourselves just as much a technology firm as a trading firm. We aim to equip our traders with the best tools we can, channeling the advances in computer learning, processing power, network capacity into streamlining and improving all aspects of the trading operation from front office to settlements. This is paired with meticulous and attentive execution and conservative risk management.


Through our group of companies, we hold memberships on Eurex, Xetra, Euronext Amsterdam, Euronext Paris,  the InterContinental Exchange, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and  Singapore Exchange Membership. We are also a member of the FIA European Principal Traders Association.


Working at Maven is a highly rewarding experience.  We value our people and the contribution each individual can make to the growth of our business. The senior management are committed to building highly-motivated, highly-skilled entrepreneurs. 

You have the opportunity to achieve success quickly here with all our staff being given the opportunity and autonomy to achieve their potential.  Our culture is collaborative, informal and highly rewarding. We believe in rewarding hard work, but we’re also committed to a healthy work-life balance, so you can develop and achieve - in every area of your life.



If you would like to join a successful, thriving & forward thinking company who cares about you just as much as its business then apply for any of our vacancies at: http://www.mavensecurities.com/career-opportunities/


Tom - Market Maker


" When I was looking for a career there were certain elements of a job that were important to me. Things that I wanted to achieve as an individual and as a part of a team. Trading was the career that stood out as being the one best able to provide me with all of these.   I wanted to work in a place where I could push myself and achieve my best. One where my contribution mattered. I wanted to work with other highly motivated, clever and successful people. I wanted the chance to do things the way I believe they should be done and see the results.    

Trading at Maven has provided me with all of these things.    From my first interview with Maven I knew that I wanted to join. I was living and working in the USA and they offered me the opportunity to join them in London. It was an easy decision. From the first visit to our old office I knew I had to be a part of what they were creating. The focus, ambition and intelligence of everyone, combined with a very clear understanding of what they wanted to achieve and how to go about doing it left me in no doubt.   Since that day over three years ago we have, together, achieved a lot. We’ve opened new markets, developed and tested multiple different trading strategies and technologies and most importantly had a fantastic time doing it. I have been and continue to be given the freedom and support to implement my ideas. To create things as I want them and realise my potential and ambition. Working alongside my colleagues, often leaders in their field has allowed me to learn a huge amount and explore new areas of trading.   

Another strong aspect of what drew me to Maven and continues to motivate me each day is the social side and the people. I genuinely enjoy coming into work, speaking with my colleagues about what they are doing and spending time with them. Outside of work we have enjoyed various activities from a social drink, our 5-a-side football team and even a 24 hour bike ride to Paris!   I thoroughly enjoy my work at Maven and everything that comes with it. We have achieved so much but it feels like it is just the start and I'm very excited to see where we can take it".

Nima - Trader


" At Maven's inception in 2011, the founders sat together to discuss the core principles that would form the bedrock of the firm. Among the many topics we discussed two stood out for me: rewarding entrepreneurialism and collaboration.  "Entrepreneurialism" is an oft maligned term in business, a buzz word that does a better job at creating intrigue than delivering results. At Maven we have created an environment in which we allow people to strive to innovate, create and deliver those results. We ask that everyone aspires to become a market leader in their discipline, whatever their job title. This is a lofty goal, and we are very aware that it may be an unrealistic one. But setting our staff on such a path and supporting them along the way ensures that our people feel valued and motivated to succeed.   

"Collaboration" is a term that is treated with suspicion at trading firms or funds. Employees are reluctant to share, since the success of a colleague might eat into a finite pie that leaves less for them. We have come across organisations that insist on placing staff into silos, to try and instill independence in thought and revenue streams. The culture at Maven couldn't be more different. We believe that revenue allocation is not a zero-sum game, and that combined thought from people of different skillsets and backgrounds can accelerate growth, create opportunities and build previously unforeseen streams of revenue. Incentivising collaboration has been one of our greatest successes, and has created a camaraderie among staff that I have not seen at any of my former employers.   Rewarding entrepreneurialism and collaboration, has in my opinion, created a very happy workspace".

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